Real Results! Real Success!

Dear Steve,

I am very excited to continue to see growth in my students far beyond what I have seen in previous years.  Here are some numbers to give you an idea.  At the beginning of the year, my average LSW (letter, sound, word) assessment was 40 out of 106.  Kindergarten teachers hope to have an average around 60, but still we usually see that kids coming in at 40 get to 106 in late January, early February.  In October, my average LSW was 89 and by November it was 101 out of 106.  I have 14 out of 24 that have perfect scores and another 7 at 99-105.  My September STAR average was 502 with a 499 cut score.  In November my average bumped to 603 with a 535 cut score.  That means that I have 20 out of 24 on track and 4 just slightly below.  None are at intervention or urgent intervention level.  

I have four kids that I used as examples during our O-G professional development and asked for advice.  My first one I would guess is classically dyslexic.  Nancy agreed that his struggles seem consistent with dyslexia.  His LSW went from 17 to now a 100.  I have a student that has focusing issues.  His LSW went from 26 to 90.  I have a student that may possibly be LD.  Her LSW went from 2 to 73.  My last example is a student that came in with a waiver at the age of 4.  His LSW has gone from 3 to 74 and he has already hit his SLO score for the end of the year according to STAR.  Of course, none of these kids have been formally diagnosed, but I used them as case studies, per say, to show that all four of these types of concerns still respond well to O-G.  I am not saying that they don’t need extra interventions and strategies each day, but they can recall much more information which then makes them more successful and prouder of their accomplishments even in the midst of their struggles.

I think the key is two things, 1) the systematic approach to the process.  I try to incorporate as much of the O-G lesson as I can into each day so that it is repetitive, and 2) the hands on and kinesthetic approach works for all kids.  I have tried my best to look at the elements of O-G and Wonders and feel that my daily schedule flips back and forth between the two to blend the two together.  For example, when dictating sentences with O-G, I use sentences straight from the Wonders Progress Monitoring sheets so that the words they are seeing in their books are the same words that they are practicing writing in their notebooks.  

I hope this gives you a little more insight into how things are progressing in my classroom.  Feel free to stop by anytime.  

Stacey Turner, Edgerton Elementary, Kindergarten Teacher